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Authentic Shilajit Resin - 50g

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Product Description:

Ideal for those seeking a natural way to enhance physical and mental performance, our Shilajit resin is easy to incorporate into your daily regimen. Whether you're an athlete looking for a natural endurance booster or anyone seeking improved cognitive and overall health, this Shilajit resin is your go-to superfood.

Our Shilajit resin is carefully extracted to preserve its high-quality nutrients and bioactive compounds. With a 50g quantity, it's perfect for regular use. Renowned for its incredible health benefits, Shilajit has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It's not just a supplement; it's a powerful addition to your daily routine, supporting everything from energy production to mental clarity.

Key Features:

- Authentic Source: Directly sourced from the high altitudes of the Himalayan region, ensuring purity and authenticity.
- Rich in Nutrients: Packed with fulvic acid, minerals, and other vital nutrients for holistic health.
- Natural Energy Booster: Shilajit is known for its ability to naturally boost energy levels and improve physical performance.
- Supports Wellness: Aids in promoting cognitive functions, balancing mood, and enhancing the body's natural rejuvenation processes.

How to Use: 

The Shilajit resin's natural, earthy flavour blends seamlessly into smoothies, teas, or even your morning coffee.

For first-time users, our recommended serving of Shilajit is 250mg per day. After a few days, gradually increase the amount until you start feeling the desired benefits. An average healthy person can consume between 300mg and 500mg of Shilajit per day.
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Authentic Shilajit Resin - 50g
Authentic Shilajit Resin - 50g
Authentic Shilajit Resin - 50g
Authentic Shilajit Resin - 50g
Authentic Shilajit Resin - 50g
Authentic Shilajit Resin - 50g

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