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100% Wildcrafted Sea Moss Products

How Sea Moss Can Benefit You

  • Rich in Nutrients

    Packed with 92 nutrients & minerals, sea moss contributes to a balanced diet. Experience wellness from within.

  • Supports Immune System

    With high iodine and antioxidants, sea moss supports thyroid function & strengthens your immune system.

  • Promotes Digestive Wellness

    As a prebiotic, sea moss feeds gut bacteria for a healthier digestion. Feel the difference in your gut health.

  • Benefits For Skin & Hair

    Apply sea moss gel for hydrated, soothed skin. Experience the natural revitalising power of sea moss on your skin and in your hair

Discover A Happy Healthier You

Explore our best-selling products and take a step towards a happier, healthier you. Uncover the incredible health benefits of wildcrafted Sea Moss products designed to support your wellbeing.

100% Organic Products
Wildcrafted Sea Moss
Sea Moss Sourced From Grenada
Vegan Friendly
Dr. Sebi Approved
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Making A Difference For 23000+ Customers

I have tried a few different sea moss gels before but this one is by far my favourite, I really like that you can choose a larger jar. I feel like I have more energy when using this and hope to see more benefits with continued use. I take my daily dose in a smoothie for added goodness and notice no taste which is a huge bonus.

Faye - Amazon Review

When i finally got my hands in this was a little apprehensive because I find the taste of Seamoss gel string and difficult to consume without mixing. But this one was a pleasant surprise. Will definitely buy again.

Hannah Johnson - Amazon Review

Orange and ginger flavour, I have never had sea moss before but had read it can taste fishy and this one did not. it doesn’t have a flavour in particular and has been useful for improving energy levels (I don’t eat very well, so not like I had a healthy diet and added it, I have an unhealthy diet and added it in) and also face masks for my skin seem to be slowly improving my skin.

Emma-Leigh Bradley - Amazon review

very calm and my mind was more settled as I'm very stressed lately...almost felt out of body feeling so calm instantly

Adele Taylor - Amazon review

My friend recommended this seller to me and I was very satisfied with my purchase. Seamoss is good for you. It’s good for healing & cleansing. I shall be purchasing again soon. I used it specially in tea and smoothies.

Weza Bernardo - Amazon Review

I have a chronic digestive condition. The sea moss helped me to get more energy, but I haven't seen the results until like half of the jar was already gone, so give it some time. The jar came fast and secure and lasted for a few weeks, I am about to purchase another one.

Mala Kuna - Amazon Review

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Gold Sea Moss Gel - Made With Certified Organic Wildcrafted Sea Moss
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Why Choose Gordon Watkins Sea Moss Products?

  • Versatile Range

    Whether you prefer Sea Moss in its raw form, infused gels, or convenient capsules, we've got you covered. Our diverse range of Sea Moss products ensures there's something to suit everyone's preference and lifestyle.

  • Superior Quality & Sustainability Soured

    At Gordon Watkins, we don't compromise on quality. Our Sea Moss products are sustainably sourced, meticulously cleaned, and prepared under strict hygienic conditions to provide you the purest form of this superfood.

  • Vegan Friendly Minerals & Nutrients

    Every product we offer is 100% vegan, free from GMOs, and uses only the finest organic Sea Moss. We believe in preserving the natural goodness of Sea Moss and delivering it to you just as nature intended.

  • Customer Focused Approach

    Your wellness journey is our priority. That's why we offer next-day shipping, reliable customer service, and flexible payment options to ensure your Gordon Watkins experience is seamless and satisfying.